ETP 684540 HSK63F x 1/2” x 50MM Pencil Hydro Grip Toolholder


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ETP HYDRO-GRIP® PENCIL is with its extreme slim design one of the most versatile holder on the market. An extensive range of standard dimensions and lengths optimizes your productivity when machining deep cavities and complex components.

-Quick and easy tool change
-High performance
-Pencil design enabling machining in deep cavities and complex components.
-Excellent runout

Tool diameter D1 mm 12.7 mm
Dimension D2 mm 19.5 mm
Dimension D3 mm 40 mm
Gauge length L1 mm 94 mm
Dimension L2 mm 68 mm
Dimension L3 mm 50 mm
Tool insert depth 40 mm

View available reduction sleeves for 1/2"

Requires the use of the ETP Torque Wrench ETP-19050

Maximum RPM 25,000

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